Sunday, November 23, 2008

Professional Pictures

I took Haylie yesterday to get her picture made for Christmas Cards. This was a MUCH better experience than our previous try at professional pictures. Yesterday, a friend from church who has started her own photography business took Haylie's pictures. She has her sister play with the kids while she takes the pictures. She has a professional studio set up in her garage. While Haylie still wouldn't sit still and "pose" for pictures, it was much less painful. Stay tuned and I'll post the Christmas pictures when we get them.

We actually went to a Portrait Innovations in Lexington a month or so ago now. What an ORDEAL!!! I made an appointment for 1st thing in the morning thinking she would do better. However, she had other ideas and refused to pose or even smile, little alone sit still long enough to get any good pictures. Can't say I was too impressed with the photographer...she just stood there and said turn her this way, sit her over there, etc. Finally after about 45 minutes, she said "Why don't you just reschedule?" I had driven into Lexington on my day off just to get these pictures done and really didn't want to have to reschedule. So she said lets wait awhile and see if she will cooperate. So, after about an hour of waiting while they did other kids (who mostly were also not cooperating) she tried again. Still not great success, but did get some decent pictures. The big ordeal came next. They immediately put the pictures up on a big screen TV and you pick out your pictures right then. They then print them, and you have your pictures within 2 hours of getting done, which was nice. Problem was, they had taken 168 pictures that I had to narrow down, all the while Haylie was ripping and running around the studio. Literally, at one point she had her hand in the toilet while I was trying to look at pictures. So, long story short, I picked out 6 poses, several of which I would not have picked if I wasn't loosing my mind while trying to pick them out. Anyway, see for yourself. They give you the disc with all the pictures on it (well, not exactly GIVE--of course it's included in the "package") so I'm posting some of my favorites.