Saturday, April 4, 2009

We're So Proud of our Daddy

Putting flowers on Papaw's grave
With best friend cousin Julia

I LOVE playing with JuJu
Rolling in the grass

Sure wish Papaw could see these girls now!!

Rich Holl--famous author

At booksigning at Joseph-Beth Bookstore

Look at that line!!

Doesn't he look cute!!!

Daddy has written a book called "Wildcats in Turmoil" which was published last fall. It's doing pretty well, and he even had a book signing at Joseph-Beth bookstore (above). I've been meaning to post these pictures but kept forgetting. It's about the UK Wildcat basketball team last year with the new coach (who is now the old coach!!). It is also a great history of the Wildcat basketball program. Of course with the recent firing of Coach Gillespie, there is renewed interest in his book. I'm so proud of him--he wrote the entire book in about 8 months and then got it published, all the while also working his full-time job teaching history.

I've been remiss in posting and just realized it's been over a month. Not a lot new been going on. Rich and I did go on a weeklong cruise 2 weeks ago for his spring break. We had a great and relaxing week. We left the Haybug home with my mom, and although we really missed her, it was nice to get away.
Haylie's been sick the past week, with a wicked case of bronchitis. She had to miss 2 days of daycare due to fever and cough. My sweet mom took care of her for me. Speaking of daycare, I'm looking at other daycares. I'm not really pleased with where she is and have an appointment to look at another place on Monday. It's not that they have really done anything terrible, but just several little things that have made me uneasy. They also have no real structure--the kids just play and watch TV/Videos. I think Haylie would really benefit from more structure...I think her behavior has actually gotten worse since she started going there. Plus, she'll be old enough for preschool this fall and they have no preschool there, so I want to move her where she can get preschool and daycare at the same place.
The pictures above are the most recent I've taken (believe it or not, I did not take one single picture on the cruise--if Haylie isn't around, why bother--hah.) We drove out to my dad's gravesite on a really pretty Saturday a couple of weeks ago. Haylie and my neice Julia had a great time running up and down the hill. It is really a beautiful graveyard--he is at Camp Nelson military cemetary. Unfortuately, my dad never got to meet our sweet girl--he would have been so crazy about her!!