Thursday, January 31, 2008

First Doctor's Appointment

Maddie Jo and Haylie together
Maddie, Bobbi Jo, & Haylie
Maddie Jo & Haylie
Haylie walking with her new toy!!
Ready to go to Walmart--don't you love that hat!!

We went yesterday to the International Adoption Clinic at the University of Kentucky for Haylie's 1st doctor's visit. They were great with her and she did really well. Dr. Taylor says she may have mild ricketts (which they had told us in Moscow) but otherwise looked pretty good. She is most concerned about her poor weight gain. She is only in the 3rd percentile for weight. She wants to start to really try to fatten her up by increasing her milk intake (and she even said it was great to be putting in the strawberry Nesquik--I was afraid I would get in trouble for that!!) as well as adding Pedisure a couple of times of day. They did stool samples as most of these kids from orphanages have some type of intestinal parasites, and drew 8 big tubes of blood to check her all out. She said we won't have the results back for a couple of weeks. She is also sending us to a pediatric ophthalmologist to have her eyes checked--she thinks maybe her left eye might turn inward very mildly. She said it probably won't require any surgery, but wants it checked out. I have noticed is, but it is very mild and only happens on rare occasions, so hopefully they won't have to correct it surgically!!

We've had a whole week of firsts for Haylie. She had her first "playdate" on Tuesday when my dear friend Bobbi Jo came to visit us and brought her sweet little girl Maddie Jo. She is 3 months younger than Haylie and they were so cute together and played together pretty well. Bobbi Jo brought her her new favorite toys--a toy phone and car keys, a rolling thing she pushes that makes music, and best of all she brought Maddie's push toy trike. It's like a walker that rolls when she pushes it, and she walks behind the handle bars. Haylie took right off on it , and loves walking by herself with it. We are going to borrow it for awhile, since Maddie Jo is off and running and doesn't need it anymore. Haylie's walking skills have improved soooo much already, I think this toy will really help her be walking without any assistance soon.

We also had our first trip to Walmart today!! She did sooooo good, I couldn't believe it. I meant to only stay an hour or so, but like my usual trips to Walmart, it turned into almost 2 1/2 hours. She never fussed at all. My mom made her a really cute shopping cart cover that has 3 toys hanging on it and she played with them the entire time. She has to love to shop if she is my child!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's SOOOOOO Good To Be Home!!!!

Our house all decorated to welcome us home
Aunt Marcia and Grandma meeting us at the airport with balloons
Grandma is CRAZY about her new granddaughter
At Grandma's House
All dressed up for church!!

We've been home almost a week now and it is so very nice to be home. There really is "no place like home". Haylie is doing GREAT!! She is such a good and happy baby, we are so blessed to have her. I thank God everyday for this wonderful blessing he has given us. It is just like she has always been a part of the family. She just fits right in and has pretty much settled down into a semblance of a routine. She sleeps 10-12 hours at night. She's now eating really well, still only baby food and yogurt, and still nothing with any texture, but it looks likes she's already filling out in her cheeks and legs. She knows her name, and her "mama" and "dada" as she calls us. She has already learned a few English words like "uh oh" and "byebye".
We made our first trip to church on Sunday, and she was a big hit. She behaved really well too and was quiet during the entire service--she did however throw several of her toys 2-3 pews ahead of her, hitting some nice men and ladies. They were really understanding of it though!!

We went and spent the weekend with my mom so she and my sisters could spend some time with her. My sister Lisa came up from Tennesee to meet her. There are some great pictures above of the weekend and our homecoming.
I'm really enjoying my time off from work, but the days sure fly by when you are off. I don't have to go back until the middle of March. Haylie has her first doctor's appointment tomorrow at the University of Kentucky International Adoption Clinic. It will be interesting to see how they think she is doing, since I think she is doing GREAT! They are also going to have her evaluated by an ocupational therapist to see where she is developmentally. She is almost trying to walk by herself. She now comes and gets us off the couch, grabs our fingers wanting to go walking. Her muscle tone has improved soooo much just since we got her, it is amazing and is now basically normal. I think she'll be running by herself soon!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

We're Home--Via Scotland!!!

Well we finally made it back to Lexington on Wednesday the 23rd about 9:30 am, which as it turns out was a day later than planned. We left Moscow without any trouble on Tuesday. We had been flying along without any problems and according to the onboard map showing our progress we were just about over Iceland. The captain came on and said we were going to have to be rerouted to Glasgow, Scotland due to an ill passenger that needed to be evaluated. So he turned the big bird around and flew back to Scotland which took about 90 minutes. Once we landed the paramedics came onboard and checked out this lady and decided she needed to be taken off the plane. Evidently she had had a seizure earlier. We couldn't really hear all the details as she was sitting in the first row of buisness class and we were way back in coach. So long story short, we sat on the ground in Glasgow for about 2 1/2 hours before we took back off. We weren't allowed to get off the plane the entire time. I've always wanted to go to Scotland, but not that way. We couldn't even see out the windows since we were in the middle row of the plane. The bad part was I couldn't call my mom to let her know we would be late because there was not any cell coverage. I even asked several other Americans if they had any cell service and no one did. So, we ended up landing in Atlanta at 8:50 pm--5 hours late. Of course we had missed the connecting flight to Lexington and there wasn't another one until the next day. So, they sent us to a Comfort Inn, which of course we had to pay for. The first room they put us in had no heat so at midnight we had to change rooms. We didn't make it to bed until after 1 am Atlanta time, 9 am Moscow time. A VERY long day.

However, after all my griping, I must go on and on and on about how well my new child did on this plane trip. I can't get over how good she was. She litterally didn't fuss the ENTIRE time. She slept the first 2 hours of the flight, then woke up in such a good moood. She played and played and never cried. We had lucked out and got in the middle of the plane with an empty seat between us, so she could move around and back and forth. She did exhaust her dear old mom wanting to be up and down and all over, but she sure was good. We fed her some lunch and then she slept about the last 4 hours of the flight. She didn't even cry on descent!!!

It was soooooo good to finally be home with our little one. My mom and sister met us at the airport with balloons. As predicted, my dear mother was so happy to see Haylie she cried. They had come out the night before, along with some other dear friends to meet us but of couse we weren't there. When we finally made it back to the house, Marcia & Mary Ann had decorated the front door, mailbox, and garage doors with welcome home posters--it was soo0 nice to finally be home. I'll post some pictures of our homecoming later; Haylie is up now at 3am--she's still on Russia time

Monday, January 21, 2008

We're Coming Home!!!

Exterior Views of our Apartment

View of Old Arbat street
Getting help packing
Its fun throwing clothes out of the suitcases!!!

We spent our last day in Moscow pretty quietly. Haylie woke us up at 5:30 am (again) so it was a long day. She seems to be feeling even better today. She still wouldn't eat anything for breakfast, but ate a good lunch and dinner. We put her down for a nap and did an experiment to see how she would do with Benedryl since it puts some to sleep (what we are hoping for), but hypes others up. Hopefully we won't have to use it, but if she is really fussy tomorrow on the plane we'll give her some Benedryl to help keep our fellow passengers, and us, from going insane from a screaming youngin!! Luckily, she slept really well with it.

Oksana, went and picked up the last of the paperwork today, and she will give it to us tomorrow when they pick us up. Rich went out and got us some sushi for lunch which was really good (yes sushi in Russia). Then when Haylie went to sleep, I went out to do a little shopping for souvenirs. Rich had the pleasure of cleaning up and changing his first diaper while I was gone--and of course it was a dirty one!! He kept telling me he didn't know how when I had offered that he could clean her up before. But he had no choice but to change her while I was gone out shopping. A major accomplishment for Rich!!! I've posted some pictures of our apartment since I've several people email with questions about it. They've really cleared the snow off the walkways and streets. It did warm up a little and melt some too. My mom tells me it's colder back in Kentucky than it is here in Moscow. Still not as cold as in Siberia though!!

After dinner, we packed back up for the trip home. They are picking us up at 8:30 am for a 1 pm flight. Oksana said we had to leave so early because the traffic is so bad it can take us 1-2 hours to get to the airport. We still have 3 bags, but it is a lot lighter for the return flight. Hopefully we won't have to pay the overage for weight this time. I had a little helper packing. For every item I would put in, Haylie would pull 2-3 out at the same time. And then she just laughs like it was a big joke. So this will be my last post from the good old Soviet Union. The next time I post, we will be back home in Kentucky--yeah!!!!!!!!! We can't wait to start settling in with Haylie. I am off work for 2 months, so hopefully we can get her back on a routine, once she gets over the jet lag which will undoubtedly happen with the big 8 hour time difference. Rich has to go back to work on Friday, so since we're coming home early he will get a couple of days to get rested up.

The only downside to leaving early is that we were supposed to meet up with another couple on Wednesday who are in Kemerovo right now doing what we did last week getting their little boy. We had really looked forward to meeting Chris and Carie from Michigan. We so enjoyed meeting Dave and Stacy on our last trip, we missed having another couple with us this trip. So we hate that we won't be able to get together with them. But home awaits!!!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's a Snowy Day in Moscow

Jammie Pictures

Haylie LOVES the flipper--she'd never even seen one and seems knew automatically what to do with it. She has to fight over it with Daddy
In the pink marshmallow suit again

We had a pretty quiet day today. Haylie woke us up at 5:30 (she's still on Kemerovo time which is 4 hours ahead of Moscow time.) She seems to be feeling much better today. Still a little fussy, but played for hours by herself. She still isn't eating much though. She LOVES her fruit juice and yogurt and will woof it down, but not much else. Before she got sick she was eating baby food pretty well and would take a bottle of formula at bedtime, but the last 2 days we can't get anything down her except juice and yogurt. It's hilarious actually, she'll see me coming at her with anything else beside the yogurt and will clamp her mouth shut and grab my hand, or the spoon and push it away. And she's a strong little twerp. I've even tried holding her hands down and force it in her mouth and there is just no going there. Strangest thing is, even when she's feeling well, she will not eat anything solid or that has any texture. They told me they were feeding her pureed food in the orphanage, but said also bread & crackers. I don't believe. She just spits out anything that needs to be chewed. And she has a whole mouth full of teeth. There were some little tiny bits of fruit in the yogurt and she keeps the yogurt in and spits out the fruit. We tried Cheerios and Gerber puffs, and she just makes a horrible face and spits it right back out. If you hand it to her, she won't put it in her mouth, just carry it around, all day!! At this rate, it's no wonder she has only gained 1 pound in the past 4 months.

We woke up to light snow flurries, but by early afternoon there was at least 6 inches of snow. I walked out to the grocery and the native Russians were all out just like it was nothing. That much snow that quickly would shut Lexington down for a couple of days. Up on the old Arbat there were litterally throngs of people out walking around, even a street performer dancing in the muck and snow. No big deal.

The big news is that we do indeed get to come home early on Tuesday. All of our paperwork will be done by Monday afternoon. So, we decided to head on home. It's not outrageously expensive to change the tickets and even though the last two nights of the apartment are nonrefundable, we feel like it's worth it to be able to come on home. We are both homesick and really want to come home as soon as possible. Being here really makes us appreciate home and how lucky we are that the Lord has blessed so greatly. We appreciate everyones comments on the blog--makes us feel closer to home and those that we love and is so nice to know people are thinking of us.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Trek to Red Square

A Happy Girlie
In her bib overalls
Sleeping on the LONG walk to Red Square
At the Kremlin
Daddy's having a GREAT time above!!!
Mommy and Haylie in front of St. Basils Cathedral below
The famous "pink pot"

We decided to do some sightseeing today. We wanted to go to Red Square since it was closed the first time we were here for a military appreciation week and we only got to walk around the outside. So we packed Haylie up in the Hip Carrier and took off. We were told it was about a 20 minute walk. Well it was actually more like 60 minutes to get there. On top of having to heft the baby that far, it was about 18 degrees with light snow intermittantly falling and a brisk wind. Needless to say, by the time we got there, Rich who was toting Haylie was not a happy camper. We all were wrapped up like snow mummies and Haylie was in the pink snowsuit, so we weren't too cold, but we were exhausted just having to go that far.

Red Square was indeed open this time and it was packed with people. Rich really wanted to see Lennins tomb and I wanted to see St. Basils Cathedral. We were wondering around, I'm sure looking like lost tourists when this woman walked up to us and asked if we spoke English. When we said yes, she asked if we wanted to see Red Square and Lennins tomb without standing in line and have a private tour. So, we said sure why not. I asked how much and she told us 1200 rubles. Well everything I had read said to never take their first price, so I tried to bargain with her, but Rich said that's fine... turns out she did a really good job and it was great that she happened along. We never would have figured out even how to get into the tomb. It's pretty bizarre. This guy has been dead since 1930 and his body is supposedly still perfectly embalmed and under glass. We are dubious though--sure looked more like a wax statue. They have all these strict rules to get in, like no talking inside, no hats, no bags or cameras even in the bag, and you can't stop and look. You have to keep walking by the body. We never could have figured all that out ourselves without her telling us. So it was actually a very enjoyable little tour and worth the price.

We then walked down to St. Basils Cathedral which is on the other end of the square. By this time it was really windy and cold, and Rich's was not having a good time, as you can tell in the pictures above. Haylie did pretty well throughout the ordeal and only got fussy a couple of times when she got hungry. Never complained about the cold in the pink marshmallow suit.

We were so tired by the time we finished seeing the cathedral, I didn't think there was anyway we could walk all the way back. We ended up taking the subway back to our area, which saved us. It was pretty difficult to figure out which train to take though. I've ridden on subways all over the world, and I must say this was the most difficult to navigate I've ever been on. Once we finally figured out which train to take, turns out it was only one stop away. By the time we got back to the room, we had been gone for 5 hours in the cold, and when we started out we thought it would only take about 1 1/2 hours!!

When we got back we all took a long nap. I feel like a terrible mother, because after that Haylie who has been kind of fussy the last 2 days, really started acting like she doesn't feel well. She was running a low grade temperature and just lying around. It was really kind of pitiful. She keeps pulling on her ear, so I'm thinking she may have an ear infection. She also wouldn't eat much at all for lunch or dinner. She finally went down for bed after some tylenol, so hopefully she will feel better tomorrow.

I apologize about the potty pictures. My mom wanted me to take a picture of the one we are using here, so she can see if she can find a similar size one for home for us, so that is why there are pictures of a pink plastic potty chair.

Friday, January 18, 2008

First Trip Out and About

Today was a pretty quiet day. Rich had to go out with Dimitri to get some paperwork for Haylie's registration. That was the last we have to do. Something else to complete her registration needs to be done on Monday, but Oksana will do that. After that we are apparently finished. She told us we could actually go home Tuesday instead of Thursday, so we are looking into changing our plane tickets. If it's not too much, we will head on home. The apartment is prepaid and of course there is no refunds, so we will have to eat 2 nights if we do leave early--but will sure be worth it. I'll keep you posted.

We stayed in most of the day. We did go out at noon because the cleaning lady was supposed to come then. So we bundled Haylie up in the pink marshmallow suit and used the Hip Sling. It is most assuredly easier than just carrying her, but she is still a load if walking very far. Which we did. That stroller sure would have come in handy!!

We walked over to the Old Arbat area which is a pedestrian mall-like area with lots of shops and restaurants. We probably walked about 1/2 mile to you guessed it, McDonalds. We weren't sure how Haylie would do for her first restaurant experience and knew McD's was kid friendly. Only thing was, they didn't have one single high chair anywhere. I fed her before we left, so she just watched us. She did really well. Next we walked next door to the grocery store in the area. It was a really nice, two story store, with a flat escalator you can take your shopping cart on--pretty neat. We just bought some bread (no white wonder bread here), yogurt, juice, and water.
I also got what I thought was butter for the fresh french bread. However, turns out what we got is some kind of dry cream cheese-like concoction. Thats what happens when nothing is in English and I can't read Russian.

Don't think my little girl is feeling very well. Can't tell if it's from teething or maybe a ear infection. She's just be lying around most of the day and pretty fussy. A dose of tylenol perks her up. She didn't eat much of her dinner either. But is still using the little potty like a champ--I can't get over it. She can't walk yet, but is pretty well potty trained!! Hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow since we are going to try and walk down to Red Square (where again the stroller would have come in handy!!)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Haylie's First Bath & First Meltdown

Haylie woke us up at 4:30 after sleeping 12 hours. We went ahead and had breakfast and then tried putting her on the "pot". They had told us at the orphanage that she was pretty much potty trained--they put all the kids on a little pot first thing every morning and then after every meal. Well, the apartment has a baby pot so we tried it, and sure enough right after breakfast, she pee peed on the pot and then later in the day even poopied on the pot--amazing!! We're still leaving diapers on her and she has also used them.

After the pot excitement, I gave her her first bath in the kitchen sink (there is only a shower stall in the apartment). She did pretty good and smelled sooooo good afterwards. She played for a while without any problem. Around 9 she started crying like crazy and wouldn't stop no matter what. We couldn't find any way to comfort her. I don't know if she is upset from teething or has a tummy ache. I finally gave her some tylenol and she settled down and fell asleep for a little while. We had hoped it was a one time occurence since she had been sooo good the last 2 days, but we of course were wrong.

We had to go to the US Embassy to apply for her US visa and immigration papers. She had another meltdown on the ride to the Embassy that continued the entire 1 1/2 hours we were there--joyjoy. While there we met 2 other couples adopting--both adopting 2 at the same time!! One couple was from California, the other from Chicago. Both of them were on their 3rd trip over because their 10 day waiting period was not waived like ours was--they were adopting from other regions than us.

Luckily, the other kiddos were pretty fussy too, but Haylie was definately the loudest. Crazy thing was, as soon as we got back to the apartment she settled down and was fine the rest of the afternoon. She did again have a crying jag at bedtime that couldn't be comforted either. I finally gave her more Tylenol and put her to bed crying, which I hated to do. But she quickly fell asleep and is currently sleeping soundly. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Daddy says he had no idea babies were soooo much work--surprise!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A VERY Long Day--Going Back to Moscow

We awoke at 4:30 to be picked up at 6 to go back to the airport to go back to Moscow. I had gotten most things packed up the night before so we wouldn't have to do it all at the last minute. But, this was the first time I had ever gotten a baby ready for a trip before--nothing like trial by fire!! Needless to say I was just finishing up feeding Haylie when they came to pick us up. So we were rushing to get all the luggage out in a hurry. I was busy putting the pink marshmallow suit on Haylie and poor Rich was taking care of the luggage along with Sergei. Anyway, long story short when we got to the airport, we realized we had left the stroller we had brought all the way from KY back in the hotel room--and of course there was not time to go back and get it. We never even got to use it, and now we'll have to tote Haylie all over Moscow and thru the airports. I'm going to looking into finding one here in Moscow, but supposedly they are hard to find this time of year and VERY expensive. I've got a nice one at home and don't want to spend a lot of money on another one.

Anyway, we got all our massive amounts of luggage thru customs (and luckily again didn't have to pay extra for the overweight bags--I think they just felt sorry for us having to lug all the luggage and the baby thru all the stoppoints you have to go thru which believe was an ordeal). We got on the bus at the gate which takes you to the airplane and then there is a big line to get onto the plane (no nice warm gates directly onto the plane like at home!!). Luckily, having a baby got me directly to the front of the line from the very back. We lucked out and had an empty seat between us was empty, so we basically had a free seat for Haylie. She was soooooo good. I fed her a bottle while we were taking off and she stayed awake for maybe 30 minutes and then fell asleep and slept the entire way in the empty seat. She didn't cry a peep until everyone was trying to get off. Then she was having a fit--turns out she had done a big job in her pants. Rich was mortified because she stunk, and everyone of course was staring at us. We again had to ride the bus back to the gate and the bus was completely packed when we got back off the plane--this time no special priviledges because of the baby.

After being picked up at the airport we were taken by AA representatives immediately to get her physical exam. Ends up we had to wait for 1 1/2 hours in a Russian pediatric hospital which was an ordeal in itself. Instead of coming with us, they just dropped us off and told us to sit on the bench until time for our apartment. Oksana, the Russian translator finally came and went into the doctors office with us. I had thought all along she had to have an HIV test, but luckily all she needed was a physical exam. So Boris, the Russian doctor who did speak English, did a pretty thorough exam on her and declared her healthy, only small. She weighs 18 pounds and is 30 inches long. That means she's only gained one pound in the past 4 months and hasn't gotten any taller. We'll get her fattened up though.

Then we had to kill another 1 1/2 hours waiting until we could check into our apartment. So they dropped us off at Hard Rock Cafe and we had a hamburger. We tried to feed Haylie her first macaroni & cheese, french fries, and milk. She wouldn't touch any of it. Evidently they were only feeding her pureed food in the orphanage, because we can't get her to eat anything solid or with texture. She does great with baby food or yogurt, but won't anything solid so far.

We finally got checked into the apartment at 2pm. We were all so tired, we were just dead. We all layed down for a nap at 4:30. Haylie ended up sleeping all through the night--until 4:30 am anyway. She was soooo good all day. The apartment is small and kind of run down, but serviceable and in a really good location close to the famous Old Arbat section of Moscow with lots of shops and restaraunts. Sure wish we had a stroller though.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Booster is Coming Home!!!

The new addition to the Holl family!!!
Our precious girl
She is still wearing 6-9 months clothes and this one is pretty baggy on her
In the "pink marshmallow suit" getting ready to go out in the cold with Allisa our translator
With Dr. Ludmilla the orphanage director

Well, the big day is finally here after all these months of waiting. We left Kemerovo at 8 AM and were driven thru the countrysides of Siberia for 3 hours to get to the orphange. It was so cold outside the windows all had major frost on them the entire way so it was hard to see much. The windshield was only about 1/2 defrosted, and we were in the back seat so all we could see was lots of snow.

We arrived at the orphanage at 11. Dr. Ludmilla (of the infamous blue eyeshadow) again went over all of her records. They told me last time she had a milk allergy, but now she supposedly has never had any allergies, so who knows. Then the magic time finally arrived when they brought our daughter into us. It was so wonderful to see her again and to know that this time she would be coming home with us...also kind of overwhelming to think that we are now her forever momma and daddy. She really hadn't changed much at all in the past 4 months except she has a little more hair. In fact they brought her in in the same outfit she had worn when we visited in September on the second day. She still isn't walking on her own yet either, which I really thought she would be by now. We stripped her down and put the clothes we had brought from home to take her out in. They are 6-9 months size and the shirt is too big for her, but the pants fit fine. We put the pink marshmellow snowsuit on her. For those who don't know, the marshmallow suit is a really warm, cute snowsuit that we are passing to adoptive moms who are going to Siberia in the winter. We are the 3rd family to use it, and I will pass it on to another adopting mom. It still looks brand new and it has attached gloves and shoe covers. The last baby who had it evidently hated it, but Haylie didn't mind it at all, at least at first. The Russian folks are very, very adamant about making sure you've got your baby wrapped up like a mummy everytime you go outside, and heaven help you if one inch of skin is showing on a leg or arm. Total strangers come up to you on the street and tell you all about it, especially if the hat or hood has fallen off--look out they will really let you have it!!

We then made the 3 hour ride back to our hotel again. Haylie was soooo good, she didn't cry at all. We did feed some cereal in the van and she ate great too. When we got back to the hotel, we put her on the floor and she played with some toys we brought for over an hour by herself without complaining. Even though she's not walking, she crawls and pulls up and walks all around the furniture and really gets around fast! We had a crib in the hotel and I put her to bed at 9. She sat and played for like 2 hours in the crib all by herself. We finally ended up putting her in bed with us and she immediately fell asleep (I know, I know it's a big no no, but until we get her home we're just going with the flow).

Monday, January 14, 2008

More About Court

Rich walking in Siberia You get frosted up really quick!!!
This is the street in front of our hotel
We went to court at the Kemerovo Regional Courthouse to finalize Haylie's adoption. Anna our interpreter had kind of prepared us about what to expect which really helped. Our judge was a female who had obviously done lots of these proceedings. She read thru our mountains of paperwork and basically read our homestudy aloud, with Anna translating as the judge talked. Rich was asked to stand and he had to answer most of the questions--they were pretty basic, like why did we want to adopt, why from Russia, our occupations and salaries, etc. When he was done, I had to stand and was asked if there was anything else I wanted to add. I had been told to ask to have the 10 day waiting period waived, which I did. Next, the judge asked everyone to leave the courtroom (which was actually just a small office room). We went out in the hallway for only about 3-5 minutes and we went back in. The judge granted the adoption and waived the 10 day waiting period--hallelujah!!!
After court, we had to go to the police station to have more paperwork completed. Rich and I just basically sat in the hallway while Anna went from office to office getting the appropriate documents done. We left to be driven back to the hotel--however when we got back to the van, Sergei our driver was working on the motor because the car wouldn't start due to the cold. Luckily, it wasn't a very long walk back to the hotel, but it was a verrrrry cold walk. We had the rest of the day free, but because we were still jetlagged, we layed down for a short nap and ended up sleeping like 7 hours and woke up at 10pm. Of course we were then wide awake, so we watched a DVD till 3am. We had to be up and ready for breakfast at 7:15 (they made us our own breakfast every morning, kind of like a B&B) and then be picked up at 8am for the 3 hour car ride to the orphanage to get Haylie!!