Wednesday, June 18, 2008

1st Father's Day

Showing off my "Hawaiian" outfit from Aunt Carrie and Uncle Doug who live in Honolulu
Showing off our birthday present from Grandmom Holl--a new bathing suit
Scenes of wrestling with Daddy in my new swimsuit

It's a pin!!!
I LOVE my daddy's hat!!

Sunday was Rich's first Father's Day. We spent it pretty quietly at home and cooked out burgers on the grill (Rich's favorite meal!!) Haylie has most definately become a Daddy's girl. She squeals with delight everytime he comes in and she loves wrestling around with "Da-da" on the floor. He just got back from a 2 week trip to Florida to visit his parents (since he's out from school all summer, he gets these great long vacations while I have to work--Boo!!) and I think he realllllly missed Haylie Boo while he was gone. She is slowly but surely wrapping him around her little finger!!! I'm posting some of my favorite Daddy and Haylie pictures in honor of Father's Day.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Birthday Girl!!!

In my new bathing suit with my pretty orange ribbon

A birthday bathing beauty in her new bathing suit
It's My Birthday!!!
Haylie, Bobbi Jo, & Maddie Jo
Above-- I don't think I like this whole birthday cake thing!!

Maybe it's not so bad after all???Maddie Jo and Haylie playing with the "birthday loot"

Our precious Haylie turned a big 2 years old last Friday, May 30th. We had a really nice weekend celebrating the special event. I took off on Friday to be able to be home with her and to get ready for her party, which we held the next day on Saturday. It was really nice to be able to spend a quiet day at home with just the 2 of us. Daddy had to work late, so we had the whole day to ourselves. We went shopping for the party, then for a big long walk in her stroller. She loves being outdoors and loves riding in her stroller. We opened the presents Grandmom Holl had sent her--an adorable bathing suit and a little pool toy (remember the Holl Grandparents live in Florida) for when she comes to visit them and the beach. Haylie appreciated the gift I'm sure, but really loved the wrapping paper and bow even better. She wore the ribbon around her neck most of the day!!

We then really celebrated on Saturday. My entire family came out to our house for a cookout of burgers and hot dogs, and of course cake and ice cream. My dear friend Bobbi Jo and her little girl Maddie Jo (who is only 4 1/2 months younger than Haylie) also got to come. It was a really nice party--nothing too big or fancy, but really nice. Haylie had a blast opening presents and running around. She wasn't too impressed with the whole cake and ice cream thing though. It was actually hilarious, although she didn't think so. We put the cake with the candles lit in front of her in her high chair. She immediately stuck her hand right in the icing and then proceeded to cry hysterically. Don't know if she hated the candles, or it was because she hates having her hands dirty, but she was not a happy camper as you can see from the pictures. Once we wiped her hands off, she calmed down...but as we are still having issues eating solid foods, she wouldn't eat any of her cake. She did eat a few bites of ice cream. So she was definately not the picture of the typical first birthday kid who jams the cake in her mouth and gets it all over everywhere--no sir not my girl, she is a girlie girl who doesn't like getting dirty.

As we celebrated the day of our dear daughters birth, we couldn't help but wonder if the woman who gave her birth was also thinking of that day. We thank her for that gift, and especially thank God that he sent Haylie to us. She is truly the child God meant for us to have and we are so grateful.