Friday, February 8, 2008

Wonderful Baby Shower

cute decorations
Haylie is the life of the party
With my other favorite girl Julia
Checking out all the loot

Look at all these clothes-- she'll be the best dressed child My little princess

My wonderful church family had a huge baby shower for us on Monday night. I still can't believe all the people who turned out and all the goodies we got. There were about 35 women who came. They had decorated the fellowship hall in really cute pink and black decorations with little poodles. Even the cake had a poodle on it--it was adorable and delicious. Everyone was so generous and of course Haylie was the star of the show. She was so good and let everyone hold her and play with her without really fussing at all.
People asked what we needed and I told a few she needed some dresses for church. Well, she now has so many beautiful dresses, she'll be able to wear a new one almost every Sunday for the next 6 months. The really nice thing was we got a nice variety of sizes from 9 months to 3T, so she will continue to have new clothes for a long time. God has truly blessed us, not only with our precious girl but with a wonderful, loving, church family whom we love. Thank you to all of you!! The picture above shows all of the clothes we got at the shower. I'm going to have to clean out a closet just to put them all in. Besides the clothes, we also got many really nice toys, books, and other useful things.

Things continue to go well with Haylie. I'm really enjoying my time off from work and dread having to go back. Turns out Haylie had giardia, an intestinal infection. So we are having to do antibiotics for that for 10 days. She is so good about taking her medicine, she just takes it right down. She also has a Vitamin D deficiency, so we are going to start Vitamin D supplements. She is still such a good and happy baby. She doesn't even mind getting her teeth brushed--she just lays there and opens her mouth and lets me brush for as long as I want. I'm betting it feels good on those teeth that are coming in too!! I've also included some adorable pictures of Haylie in her "princess robe". She looks so cute in it!!

We had a big storm Wednesday morning which unfortunately ripped several of our shingles off, both in the front and back, so we are waiting on the insurance adjuster to come--they can't come until next week!! Good thing the whole roof didn't blow off, huh. We were very lucky because there were multiple tornados all around Kentucky with significant damage, so I shouldn't complain about a few shingles I guess. I did leak into Haylies room on the roof, so we will also have to repair that. Guess it's always something.