Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our 2nd Gotcha Day

I was the same height as the Santas last year!!

Finally wearing our glasses most of the time!!!

Look how long my hair has gotten!!

Go CATS!!!!

With my Daddy at the Monkey Joes Bouncy House

Look How I've Changed in the past 2 years

At the orphanage the day we picked her up January 14, 2008

First bath

Ready to leave the orphanage

2 years ago today we picked Haylie up from the orphanage and started our lives together. I can not believe how fast it has gone, or how big she has gotten. She is no longer a baby, but quite the young lady. She talks a blue streak, is now mostly potty trained (still having trouble with the whole poo poo on the potty however), and never stops!!! She has gotten sooooo tall, looks like she may be a volleyball or basketball player--can we say full scholarship to UK!!! And just look how long her hair has gotten. Hard to believe she couldn't walk, talk, or eat solid food when we got her. We feel so blessed to be her parents. Time always flies, but it almost seems like we can see her grow from day to is truly but a vapor. Thank you Lord for our special girl.