Friday, February 12, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

She really hated having to wear the wristband the entire time we were there
All dressed and ready to go down to the waterpark
Hold my hand Daddy!!
The Great Wolf Lodge all decorated for the holidays
My little monkey--climbed all over these things in the Lobby
As usual, I'm a little behind on my posts. We took Haylie to the Great Wolf Lodge right outside of Cincinnati for a little get-away the week between Christmas and New Years. Rich and I were both off, so thought it would be a great time to let her get in a little swimming in the middle of winter. It was great, but of course since all kiddos are out of school that time of year, everybody else had the same idea. It was absolutely packed with kids ripping and running around everywhere. We had to wait almost 2 hours to get checked into our room (and that was after the 4 pm check-in time!!) There were long waits for all of the water slides, to get in the restaurants, and even to get on the elevators (of course we were on the top floor so basically HAD to use the elevator). For those of you who have never been they have a huge indoor water park attached to the hotel. They also have a game called MagiQuest that all the kids play where they go around with a magic wand and do all sorts of virtual gamethings. Haylie was too little to play it, but there were hundreds of older kids running all over the hotel playing this game--you had to be careful or you could easily get mowed down by a pack of 8 year old boys running to the next MagiQuest station.

Haylie loved the wave pool and just playing in the water in general. However, she was petrified to go down any of the little water slides (they have some just her size in addition to the great big guys). Always before, she had been totally fearless in the water. We've gone swimming several times in both public and private pools and she had always just took off and gone right under water even...I literally had to watch her every minute for fear she would just jump into the deep end. But for some reason, she was really timid and scared in the waterpark. Wanted to be held all the time, and cried and cried when we tried to make her go down one of the slides. But of course, she absolutely balled when we tried to leave too. It was still a lot of fun but I think we might wait another year before going back, and definitely won't go again over Christmas break!!!