Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. We had a really nice one despite the fact Haylie had a temperature of 105.1 on Christmas Eve with strep throat. Luckily after a few doses of antibiotics she was almost as good as new by Christmas morning. My family all came out Christmas Eve and spent two nights so everyone could see Haylie's Christmas. She's the only little one now on either side of the family, so as you might imagine she cleans up when it comes to presents!! She was really into it this year which was really fun. We went and saw Santa and she hopped right up on his lap--when he asked what she wanted for Christmas she shouted "Presents!!!!", nothing specific just presents in general. Which of course she got lots of.

Her "big" present from Santa was a talking, bouncy horse on springs which she is wild about. She rides it constantly and has already about worn out the button which turns on its talking/singing/neighing. Her other favorite gifts are a toy guitar which plays 6 or 8 different songs (very loudly unfortunately) and a really neat talking doll house (from Aunt Lisa). Also, for some reason Haylie LOVES any type of "blower" including furnace blowers, lawn blowers, hand blowers in public restrooms and hair blow dryers. My mom found a toy blow dryer that makes noise like a real one and Haylie is crazy about it.

My house is now overflowing with toys--I need to go thru them and get rid of the old ones, although she still plays really well with all of them. I swore before we got her, we wouldn't have a gazillion toys, but here we are now with my living room overrun. Not as bad as some, but worse than others I suppose. Stupidly, before she came I bought one little storage box that I was sure would hold all of her toys. That thing now doesn't even hold all of her books, and I just had to buy a 3rd storage bin for all the toys that will fit in it!!! I know I shouldn't complain, and just be happy we are so blessed to be able to have so much. I can't help but think of what kind of Christmas she might have had if she was still in Russia. Luckily, since God sent her to us, both Rich and I & Haylie have much better holidays than we ever did before, for which we are so very grateful.
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kitzkazventure said...

Merry Christmas Holls! I cannot believe how long her hair is now. She is so beautiful. She just makes me smile!