Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Easter--better late than never!!!

Happy Easter
At the cemetary
With cousin JuJu
Ready to go to GramGrams for Easter dinner
The whole family at the Lexington Cemetary on Easter Sunday
Check out my cute bunny shirt (this is the face I get now when I say to smile for the camera!!!)

Walking in sunshine!!!

Cool bunny mask from the easter bunny
Waiting for Easter Egg Hunt at park
Running in my pretty Easter Dress
All dressed up for churchNot too sure about this scary looking Easter Bunny
Look at all the eggs I found at the park

I am so far behind on posting pictures I may never catch up. I've been trying to post once a month, but obviously I've not been doing even that lately. Here are some great pictures of my girl from Easter. After church, we spent it at my moms house with the family and then went to the Lexington Cemetary to see all the beautiful spring trees/flowers. For those of you not from here, I know it sounds weird but we have a gorgeous cemetary that is like a beautiful park. It is full of live flowers and flowering trees that are always beautiful in the spring, so we go every year. We also went on an Easter Egg Hunt at the big Easy Walker Park in Mt Sterling the week before Easter, so some of the pictures are from that. She was really into Easter this year and the whole egg hunt thing.

My girl is getting soooooo big I can't believe it. She will be 4 years old on Sunday, so I'll post some pictures soon of the big birthday party (I promise!!!). She is a very active girlie and keeps us hopping for sure, but can't imagine life without her...how boring (but quiet!!) our life was before she came into our lives.
PS. I apologize about the random order of the pictures...I posted them all in some semblence of order but the crazy way blogger loads, they come up in a totally different random order. Anyway, I posted lots of pictures to make up for the 3 months since my last post!!!

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