Friday, June 25, 2010

4 Years Old!!!

Happy 4-year-old
Playing with chalk roller--present from GramGram
New bathing suit from Grandmom Holl and blower goggles (she wears them whenever possible!!)
Favorite blower & goggles
Opening presents in Ladybug Girl wings
Maddie Jo & Haylie having a blast
Playing with the wagon
Haylie, Julia, & Maddie Jo opening presents at the cookout
Birthday Girl
Pretty cupcake/birthday cake

My girl turned 4 years old on May 30. I cannot believe how fast these years have passed or how big she has gotten. We celebrated with friends and family with a simple cookout in my mom's backyard. Our friends Bobbi Jo and her daughter Maddie Jo came to party with us. Maddie Jo is just 6 months younger than Haylie, so they have a great time together. We started the day at church which is one of Haylie's favorite places to be...she loves, loves, loves singing church songs in Sunday School. We took her out to lunch for pizza, then to Monkey Joe's for some bounce time (another one of her favorite places in the whole world!!) Then to Gramgrams house for a cookout & party. It was a loooong day but she had a blast. She got lots of loot and toys of course. Her favorite thing was a toy leaf blower with goggles. She literally screamed with delight when she opened it and then didn't want to open the rest of her presents because she only wanted to play with the blower. I know, I know she is a little girlie and you'd think dolls or princesses would be her favorite, but not my girl. She is all about the power tools and lawn mowers. She is still OBSESSED with lawn mowers...we contemplated getting her a battery powered riding lawn mower but thought better of it, at least for now--maybe Christmas!!

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